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Integral to our work is being seen and heard. Making contact builds trust and familiarity which leads to ease of communications. Always seeking to practice what we preach we always seek out opportunities to engage with clients, the public and the world in general. Sometimes it is something as frivolous as a picnic for clients, or fun but life changing as volunteering for a community group, or other times it may be a letter to the editor, and even still delivering training in a seminar. We are strong believers in the Power of Conversations as vehicles of change and action. And we are not selfish we use other people's knowledge if it will help our clients or the situation.

The sections below highlight ours and others' presence in news and at events that we feel are relevant to our work.

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Moracle speech at charities SORP 2015

2015 was a very big year for us at moracle. On January 2015, our managing partner Morlai Kargbo, was appointed the prestigious honour to speak in front of 200 of his peers, about the new SORP. All the spectators were from different organisation and all held 
different positions such as, trustess, CEO's, Finance director and charity director. This shows how confident they were in Morlais skills and expertise in accounting, to trust him to educate people who have been in the business for decades.


To view pictues from the event, click here

It's time to leave the comfort of traditional accounting systems and prepare to embrace the future - CLOUD Computing.

Ravi Rayarel, managing director of RCS (London) Limited said: ‘The only way that clients will readily switch is if they see that something new will obviously add value to what they are doing, reduce pain and be a joy to use’. All three ingredients are needed; two out of three is not enough.

 This is something the Team at Moracle are only too aware of. Overcoming migration inertia among prospects is tough. The question is at what point in a company’s growth a system start to hamper them does because it can’t do what is required? Through working with clients that have moved away from traditional accounting systems, we have developed our own list of obvious migration points, where a perfectly good system is no longer adequate.

 Generally, companies need to consider a new way of doing things when they reach the next phase of maturity where transaction volumes have grown and the organisation has become more complex with multi-site operations, trading abroad, additional subsidiaries perhaps. Accounting complexity is often a catalyst for change as the growing organisation has an obligation to implement financial controls and report in accordance with international accounting standards.

 Certainly all our clients that have moved from traditional accounting systems were looking for increased automation and workflow to manage increasing workloads.


We’re well aware that preparing the ground for going cloud is a key milestone for a business and one that is necessitating system evaluation. This is an intensive process where companies can see for the first time that they’re really hitting the limits of their entry-level software and that it is becoming costly and time-consuming to manage.


There is a new way of doing things and by showing organisations that we can help them perform tasks that they couldn’t before easily and scaleably, the tipping point is here.


For example clients that have moved from entry level bookkeeping to Online Accounting are finding that the cloud makes the jump to a full blown accounting system easier and they’re deriving huge value from the enterprise level tools available such as workflow, social, unified reporting that might be difficult to consume otherwise. Say goodbye to old school accounting software and prepare to embrace the future - cloud accounting.


Many major organisations and government agencies around the world are already leveraging the cloud to manage their financial data. They fully appreciate the benefits that come with the ability to access their data in real-time, via a browser from anywhere in the world.


Benefits of cloud accounting


  • Reduced cost – cloud accounting is a very cost effective solution for all enterprises regardless of their size. It eliminates the need to purchase hardware or accounting software. And unlike the conventional accounting software, it requires absolutely no updates. Overhead costs, version upgrades, maintenance, system administration costs and server failures are now no longer issues – all those things are managed by a cloud accounting service provider.


  • Ease of access – cloud accounting applications enable users worldwide to access their company financial data from anywhere, at any time without having to download and install anything on their desktop. All you need is an Internet connection!


  • Advanced features – One example is a Multicompany feature. Managing finances for multiple companies is never an easy task. If you need to maintain records of several organizations, Multicompany is going to come in handy. It will allow you to customize each organization as you please while maintaining the ability for them to work together in one system.


  • Low total cost of ownership - cloud accounting applications tend to be subscription based and can scale according to your company’s needs. Usually there is no major up-front investment in hardware and software. Companies using cloud accounting technology benefit from better cash flow and are able to allocate their IT staff to more strategic projects. Upgrades are also managed seamlessly allowing users to enjoy the new features that come along. What’s better – all this is at absolutely no cost!


  • Improves Business Performance – It gives an organisation the scope to respond to changing business conditions and helps a finance team to generate real-time financial reports and dashboards while allowing a shift of focus to more strategic initiatives.


Third Sector awards

On 23rd September 2010 the Moracle Team attended the Third Sector Excellence Awards 2010 where for the third year running we had sponsored the excellence award category ' Finance and Enterprise - Financial Management' which was won by North Devon Hospice. Click here to see some photos from the night and to see what Third Sector said about the winner.


More events from Moracle

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