Regulator publishes new research into factors the public associate with trustworthy charities

11th Jul 2018 • • Charities

The Charity Commission has published the latest in a series of authoritative, independent studies examining the factors that the public associate with a trustworthy charity:

  • transparent about where money goes (8.8 of 10)
  • true to their values (8.5 of 10)
  • efficient in their use of resources (8.4 of 10)
  • well-governed and well-managed (8.3 of 10)
  • able to demonstrate making a positive difference (8.3 of 10)

The Charity Commission, the regulator of charities in England and Wales, says these findings underline that organisational ethos and values in charities matter to the public, and that rebuilding trust depends on behaviour change, not just on better communication.

The research finds that public trust in charities has plateaued since 2016, and remains low at 5.5 out of 10* . The public now trust charities less than they trust the average person in the street.

This shows we should be more careful of the the charities we donate our money to beacuse we don't really know what money is being used for.

The research also reveals that a person’s trust is closely associated with his or her donating behaviour; 52% of those whose trust has increased say they donate to charities more as a consequence, while 41% of those whose trust has decreased say they donate to charities less as a consequence. Similarly, individuals who do trust charities are far more likely to have recently made repeat donations to a charity than those who do not (24% vs 11%). Those who do not trust charities are more likely to have never given to charities (9% vs 1%).

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