Providing administrative and compliance responsibilities of a company secretary or a company secretarial department within a company


Company filings and statutory obligations – what you need to know

In short, the role of the company secretary is as a chief administrative officer for a company, and whilst it’s an essential role, it’s also something you can easily outsource to free up your time to focus on other aspects of your business.

It’s important to note that non-compliance with filing requirements alone can be costly – not only can you face late filing penalties, but directors can face personal prosecution and fines. It’s essential that the duties of a company secretary are managed efficiently, which is where we can help.


What Moracle’s Company Secretarial package includes 

We can take on the role of your appointed Company Secretary and in so doing will: 

  • Prepare and file statutory returns 
  • Ensure compliance with the Companies Act 
  • Prepare all documentation related to minutes and resolutions 
  • Maintain your statutory books 
  • Provide general advice on company law 
  • Update you with new legislation 
  • Submit filings with the Charity Commission if relevant

What is the role of a company secretary?

A company secretary shares various responsibilities with the directors of your business under the Companies Act. These responsibilities include Companies House filings, legal responsibilities, administrative duties and potential liabilities. Similarly to the duties of a director of the business, failings in carrying out their role can result in prosecution.

Can you outsource the role of company secretary?

Yes! You can use an accountancy firm to manage your company secretary role and obligations. This is commonly done to free up the time of other directors in the business to enable them to focus on income generation, as well as to ensure compliance with an ever-changing sea of regulation associated with the company secretarial role.  


Next steps 

At Moracle we pride ourselves on offering an efficient, cost effective company secretarial service that ensures the statutory obligations of your business are fully met.   

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