Accounting Firms: Three Reasons It’s Time for You to Enhance Your Tech Stack

Accountants, like many other professionals, found themselves working remotely during the pandemic, which only further justified the need for accounting firms to upgrade their technology.

In 2020, companies of all sizes and sectors were forced to dramatically change the way they work.

Inside of a few months, businesses fast-tracked up to four years of digital change by migrating entire workforces online. This change didn’t just impact the internal organisation – a completely remote work scenario also required the nature of client engagements to meaningfully adjust.

Nowhere were these two dynamics more apparent than in the accounting industry, as firms quickly understood that processes and workflows would need to be streamlined if there was any chance to keep up with equally evolving client scenarios.

The answer was technology. Last year, 46.6% of accounting professionals added more than two new solutions to their tech stack, with 11% investing in four or more platforms.

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Cloud Technology Work
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